Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Curry Ads Roll Thursday; Layton's New Ad Rolling Now

Terry Curry's campaign rolling out his first campaign ad. It uses other voices to tell us what many of us know, he's the choice to end the corruption in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. No hoity-toity Governor here. Just diverse and regular folks (including Terry's family). It stands out in tone from Mark Massa's depressing and gloomy spots.

John Layton's campaign has also released a new ad that is, frankly, the best political ad I've seen in quite sometime. Yes, I know what the detractors are saying. Yes, I know that the Marion County Sheriff's Department no longer has patrol responsibilities, but it is still the Marion County Sheriff's responsibility to help keep Marion County safe. Yes, some, like Abdul, are trying to make a big deal about the Layton Campaign's use of squad cars and uniformed officers in the ad.

Frankly, it's hard to tell what uniforms the the "Deputies" in the ad are wearing and what their uniforms say. It does make me miss that old brown uniform on the streets, though. And before you say he's wearing a badge, Layton's star is just a campaign pin. I have one (if I can find it).

This ad totally makes Layton's case. It also shows his depth of commitment and the fact that he's not taking anything for granted. Sources say Dennis Fishburn has essentially raised two nickels and an old shoe for campaign cash, so it's very unlikely we'll see an ad from him. Layton still is pounding away and getting out the message, "I am your next Sheriff."

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Anonymous said...

Just regular folks? How about defense attorneys? Wonder why they would be so excited about a Terry Curry Prosecutor's Office?