Friday, October 29, 2010

Charlie White Continues Disgraceful Run for SOS Amid More Controversy

Possible voter fraud and now election law problems...just another day's work for Charlie White.

The man who moved miles out of his district while still serving on the Fishers Town Council and then allegedly committed voter fraud by voting outside of his precinct is at it again. White sent out a direct mail piece with no mention of who paid for the ad. This is a violation of Indiana Code.

Here is the article from the Indianapolis Star.

The sad news is that even though White has been totally exposed in the electronic and print media; he still leads in the polls! Indiana could be poised to elect someone that clearly at least has problems with following voting laws and election laws to become Indiana's Chief Elections Officer.

The White campaign is claiming dirty politics and says that the omission of the ad's money source was simply an oversight. What a dumb excuse! Regardless, don't you think that given the situation with White's voting record that you would want to make sure EVERYTHING is completely perfect after that point. That your "nose was clean" so to speak.

A vote for Charlie White is a vote for Mitch Daniels picking our next Secretary of State if White has to resign or is convicted of a crime and, yes, an investigation is underway.

Vop Osili has been the best choice for Secretary of State from the start of all this, and he remains the best choice, today. How can anyone justify voting for Charlie White given the way he has conducted himself? Vote Vop!

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Anonymous said...

Who are you democrats to talk about voter fraud? Are you forgetting ACORN and all their efforts to register the homeless and get them to vote for Obama? Get a clue.