Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Beat Goes On for the Voorhies Family

While stopping this weekend to mourn the loss of their patriarch, the Voorhies family wants you to know that campaign 2010 continues.

This morning on his Facebook page, Brett Voorhies, candidate for House District 92, posted this:

The last few days have been very tough for my family and I, but the Voorhies for House campaign is still full steam ahead anyone who would like to help my campaign in any capacity please call Voorhies for House at 317-625-1497. Thanks so much everyone my dad would want be to keep moving full force and bring home a victory in November.

Voorhies is running a hard-fought race against longtime Indiana Rep. Phil Hinkle. The Indianapolis Times reports that Hinkle was out and about walking the district on Saturday morning and picked the day after Bob Voorhies died to campaign on Brett Voorhies' street (Hinkle says that he was in the precinct, but that he quit when he had heard that Bob had passed...see comments below). If this is true, that's very disappointing and below Hinkle, but, at the same time, it might show how concerned Hinkle is.

Brett is not the only Voorhies on the ballot this November. Of course, Julie Voorhies, Bob's widow, is also battling for a second term as Marion County Recorder.

So, while it's a tough time for the Voorhies family, the campaign continues. The Voorhies clan needs your help, and they can both do this...FOR BOB!


Anonymous said...

I think it is typical of Phil Hinkle....

Phil Hinkle said...

Jon, your comment is very disappointing. Yes, we had planned ahead of time to walk Wayne 4, that is Brett's home precinct. Once we heard that Bob had passed away we quit out of respect. I am not that tacky Jon.

Phil Hinkle

Jon E. Easter said...

Rep. Hinkle,
I am not going to get into my source on this, but they are credible and beyond the post that Terry Burns sent on Indianapolis Times.

Given that I've known you for years, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. That's why I prefaced the comment with "if it's true". A campaign tactic like that would be beneath you.