Friday, October 15, 2010

Ballard Determined to Use ACS as Parking Partner

Rather than seek a better deal for the sell-off...I of the city's parking meters, the Indianapolis Star reports that Mayor Ballard is continuing to work with the single vendor, ACS, on the parking deal.

Ballard, clearly concerned that he might not get the necessary votes to fund his re-election campaign...darn it...infrastructure improvements through the parking deal, is apparently ready to punt his original plan down the pike and settle for a shorter lease rather than seek another plan with another vendor (as Councillor Brian Mahern, for example, suggests).

We've already seen the Rebuild Indianapolis signs popping up all over the city. I pass two on the way to work each day, and it's fairly clear that the Mayor is mortgaging some of the city's future revenues and assets in order to make sure those signs are up and about across the city.

Ballard has a paper-thin record to run on, and this is his legacy. The record he has includes scandal, tax and fee increases, and other problematic things for a Mayor.

The parking deal is no deal at all for Indianapolis. It, yet again, mortgages the future for a short term bang. The rate increases and extended hours will, no doubt, hurt businesses.

It's yet another bad idea by a bad Mayor.


Paul K. Ogden said...

And yet the Star editorilizes this morning that a revised deal might be good for the City. The Star never mentions ACS's failed record of privatization, the conflicts of interest, or the very correct suggestion by Mahern that if you're going to change the terms of the original deal so substantially there should be a new RFP.

Lenore said...