Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad News for Massa; Curry Leads in WISH-TV Poll

Yesterday, I talked about how the Curry campaign needed to get on tv soon to counter Mark Massa's air attack. Well, if you believe WISH-TV's poll released yesterday, I need to just shut up.

Curry leads Massa, 43-36 percent in the poll. That means that for all of Massa's expended campaign cash and major backers (like Governor Mitch Daniels who is starring in Massa's latest ad) that Curry's quiet, measured, and ground-game heavy campaign is doing the job.

There's still a long time to go, and anything can happen. Curry still has yet to get on television with ads, and that, according to Channel 8, will happen next week.

So, I guess this blogger should just shut up and let this one unfold. I think I will.

Here is channel 8's report on the Prosecutor's race.

Incidentally, for those that would throw shade at the WISH poll, it shows that Congressman Andre Carson is leading Marvin Scott by 17 percentage points. It shows that Brad Ellsworth is trailing Dan Coats in the race for U.S. Senate by 18 points. It also shows that Vop Osili and Charlie White are in a competitive race for Secretary of State with 26 percent of the voters still undecided.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

You D's are way too giddy about a poll showing only a seven point lead and that has a margin of error of 5.7%, which means Massa could actually be ahead. Turnout too could easily wipe out a 7% lead.

What is good for your guy though is that he's showing a lead although he's hasn't been running ads. I frankly would have pegged Massa to be a few points ahead just based on better name ID due to the fact he's been on TV more.

What Curry will do is tie Massa to Brizzi in his ads and it will be difficult for Massa to survive that.