Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Not Right in Rokita Land; Could 4th District Not Be So Safe?

Channel 8's Jim Shella reported that another Todd Rokita Congressional campaign manager has hit the road. This is the third campaign manager that has left the current Indiana Secretary of State's 4th District Congressional campaign.

Just two weeks out from Election Day, it's usually the time you want the campaign to be running like a finely-tuned machine. Instead, it's the David Sanders campaign that seems to be generating momentum.

Rokita completely came off looking like a robotic talking point generator at the WLFI debate in Lafayette a couple of weeks ago. Professor Sanders absolutely cleaned the floor with Rokita, rung him out, and cleaned the floor some more with him.

Does this make a difference in the 4th District where Republicans have dominated for years? I guess we shall see!

Here is the full Shella report from WISH-TV.

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