Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Will Right Attack Skillman for College Degree Like Carson?

One major thing that Congressman Andre Carson’s detractors like to bring up is his educational background. They say that his degrees are somehow less because of where they came from. Assuming many of those are Republicans, they now have to zip their lips or also level the same criticism at one of their own.

Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman has earned her Associates Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in business according to WTHR Channel 13. Carson earned a Masters from Indiana Wesleyan, a university based in Marion, Indiana. It has done a spectacular job reaching out to adults who are looking to add a degree or add another degree to their repertoire. I know people that have been through the program, and it’s as rigorous as any…in fact perhaps more rigorous because adult classes typically only meet once a week for many hours at a time (usually on a Saturday).

Skillman is widely considered as someone that will probably throw her hat into the ring for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in 2012.

I say bravo to Skillman for finishing that degree despite her responsibilities at Lieutenant Governor. I also hope that the publicity around her finishing up at Indiana Wesleyan will help finally stop the ridiculous abuses Congressman Carson gets when he touts his Masters Degree from that institution as an accomplishment.

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Indy Student said...

I don't think it's strictly a political thing but more so a generation gap. There's generations above mine that still look down on non-traditional public and private colleges and universities, including community college. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some people didn't get jobs because their degrees or their certification came from Ivy Tech or IWU.

For example, when I told a family member that a nurse practitioner in-training nurse wrote my script that day at my doctor's office, upon learning the nurse is attending IWU, she scoffed.