Monday, September 13, 2010

Scott Campaign Manager's Tweets Show Scary Undercurrent in Scott Camp

Who's driving the bus over there at the Marvin Scott for Congress campaign? Scott's campaign manager, Stan Solomon has what I believe to be some very disturbing tweets on his Twitter feed. You can see them all here.

Do you want a few examples? And, I'm not kidding, these were there as of Sunday.

"Gay stands for Got AIDS Yet"
"Islam is the enemy you fools"
"Muslims use bibles for toilet paper & kindling...Pay back is a michelle ain't it"
"Defending family not excuse 4 firing warning shot...Save ur shots for politicians"
"Pro choice is wrong Abortionist need to die"
"Petraeus says no to Quran burning...I know let's burn Iran, Mecca & Medina"
"Filthy Queer wants kids of 14 for sex"
"Ron Paul asks if there's gold at Ft Knox...Is there an American in the White House"
"Obamacare previewed in Md...The guard, nurse & Admin. should get death penalty"
"Ebonics experts needed by bro Muslim Congr. Andre Carson should apply"
"U should not allow queers around kids"
"Appeals Court halts gay marriage...To Queer or not to Queer That is the question"
"2% of all deaths in Holland r Euthanasia...Okillgrandma has big plans for us"
"Queer Judge judges Catholicism...Perverts' perverted perspective projects poop on us"
"Queer judge says queers can marry Surprize"
"Vasoline warriors prepare for battle"

These were just a few high(or low)lights.

I guess this is the kind of man Dr. Marvin Scott feels is the right man to lead the campaign against Congressman Andre Carson. Personally, I find many of these tweets reprehensible and vulgar. If I were Marvin Scott, I would have serious questions about someone who tweets and retweets garbage. It should be embarrassing for Republicans and embarrassing for Scott. Instead, Scott appears with Solomon on the butt awful Talk To Solomon show.

Marvin Scott should be horrified by Stan Solomon's views, but, instead, it looks like he might agree with them.

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Anonymous said...

Good scoop Jon, looks like you broke this story. As a Republican I can say it is a huge disappointment to have Scott as our candidate...Carson did a good job of having D's go vote on the Republican ballot for the Primary.