Saturday, September 25, 2010

Osili Releases Statement on Charlie White Controversy

Vop Osili's campaign has released the following statement in the wake of Charlie White's disclosure that he has lived outside the Fishers Town Council District he represented since February.

Democrat Secretary of State Candidate Vop Osili Issues Statement on Opponent after Hearing of Allegations of Misconduct

Vop Osili, candidate for Indiana Secretary of State (, issued the statement below, after hearing news of the conference held by local Fishers attorney, Greg Purvis. During the press conference on Wednesday, Purvis presented multiple documents attempting to illustrate issues of misconduct of Osili's opponent:

Republican Secretary of State candidate Charlie White did not live within the town council district he was serving during the last several months on the Fishers Town Council, which would have invalidated his seat.

Charlie White had been knowingly participating in Town Council votes illegally.
While voting illegally, Charlie White cast votes that impacted the town of Fishers, its businesses, affected contracts that were awarded, affected outcomes on incorporation decisions, and directly breached the public trust.

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Vop Osili Statement:

"If these charges are true, this is not only alarming and troubling, but it also raises questions as to whether this individual should be given the public's trust to oversee elections and the voting process.

As our state's Chief Administrator of Elections, the Secretary of State should set the standards for integrity, and fairness with regard to voting and the election process, and of course adhere to the letter of the law-not bend or break the rules to suit personal gains.

If laws have been broken, I am certain that the appropriate legal authorities will investigate this expeditiously and bring the matter to a prompt conclusion and the citizens of Indiana deserve this.

The voters of Indiana deserve and should demand no less than a Secretary of State who is qualified and committed to protecting against voter fraud, and a Secretary of State who demonstrates that they will protect the sanctity of the voting process and the rights of all Hoosier citizens.

Too many times we are seeing politicians in our state and in Washington who think they are above the law and not responsible to their constituents - and this must be changed. I am committed to bringing the voice of Hoosier families into our statehouse and being a champion and voice of their causes."

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Osili must keep this issue alive. White and the GOP are anxious to bury it. If Vop has cash, this indiscretion by White must get on television...SOON.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what address Charlie
White used when he filed for Secretary of State and if he was a legally registered voter at that address.