Friday, September 17, 2010

An Open Letter to Marvin Scott

On his Facebook page (even though he says Facebook and Twitter should be shut down), Marvin Scott, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 7th District released this statement.

Thank you to all the phone calls and emails of support. The truth is that when the press starts attacking it means the opposition has something to worry about. I am running a very close competitive race; Mr. Carson you have every reason to worry. You voted for Wall Street Bailouts; I would not. You signed a letter against the only democracy in the Middle East; I would not; I am a fiscal conservative; you are not. Shall we go on? Let's have a public debate and see who is the best candidate for CD 7

So, let me write this open letter to Dr. Scott. For his benefit, I will type it VERY SLOWLY so that he can let it digest.

Dr. Scott,
My name is Jon Easter. My blog, the Indy Democrat Blog, was the first blog to break the story about your campaign manager, Stan Solomon, and his offensive tweets after being tipped off by a friend on Sunday morning.

I went to Solomon's Twitter page and verified for myself that this had happened before I published the blog post which went live at 12:01 a.m. on Monday.

Even though I wrote the blog post, you created this story. When you decide to associate yourself with the kinds of views put forth by Stan Solomon, then you open yourself up for all kinds of criticism.

I respect that you cannot hire big name campaign managers and cannot afford the best campaign staff, but a little research should have told you that Solomon was just not right for you. Some out there in blogland tell a different story about your relationship with Stan Solomon than the one you are telling. You claim that you didn't know Stan's views, but longtime media exec. Kent Sterling says that you knew him for at least 10 years. Regardless, I was in high school when Solomon was on the WIBC airwaves, and I can remember what a polarizing figure he was.

With that in mind, you must see that this controversy is not about some out of control press corps or blogosphere. This story fell in our laps. It's not about how (not) competitive the race is or even about how (not) close the race was in 2006 when someone else who had some sense was running against the late Congresswoman Julia Carson. It's not about how competitive the 2002 race was, either. They weren't competitive at all. That has been debunked on my blog as well.

What it is about is your lack of understanding that no one wants to elect you. No one who has a brain wants you to be the Congressman for the 7th Congressional District. That would be a disaster. Your views, your actions, and your associates are simply not people that I would feel comfortable handing the keys over to to run a Congressional Office.

The true fact of the matter is that this race isn't even close. Congressman Andre Carson has been a tremendously effective Representative for the 7th Congressional District. He represents the district with honor, and he is everywhere throughout the district when he's not in Washington. He works this district hard, and the thing is that he doesn't have to.

Dr. Scott, I don't know you, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You must be a fairly smart man if you are a college professor. I don't understand why you can't see that the press doesn't have it out for you. YOU HAVE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF! My blog or Bil Browning's blog or even the person that referred the information to me didn't create this story. YOU DID!

The sad thing is that as many times as you have run for office and have been defeated that you would think you'd be pretty good at this by now. But, you aren't. Just don't play the victim of the media or me or Bil or anyone for this story when YOU DID IT YOURSELF.

I wouldn't wait up too late on November 2. The race should be over about 6:00 p.m.

Thanks for your time,
Jon E. Easter


Anonymous said...

Actually the race is over before it starts....poor Marvin

Anonymous said...

Kudos Jon. Marvin Scott is a JOKE of a candidate who is led around by his enormous (yet unfounded) ego. He calls himself the Tea Party candidate but that is a lie...he has gone to 1 tea party meeting (IDOL) where he debated Carlos May and Wayne Harmon and all he did was talk down to them and tell them they were wrong (I know because I was there); then he surrounds himself with bigoted egomaniacs (like Solomon and Rob Croddy) and then claims he is too stupid to know what they are doing. This race was over on Primary night.

Louis said...

I had a friend who had Marvin Scott for a professor; she said he actually isn't that smart. So there you go, he actually didn't have to be smart to be a professor - and his actions for years now have confirmed this, too.

Anonymous said...

Everyone remembers what Stan Solomon said on his WIBC show after the Oklahoma City bombing, right? He said the parents of the children killed in the daycare center were personally at fault for their children's deaths. How did this disgusting maggot of a human being ever resurface?

I know said...

The problem is not just Mr. Scott and his ego. It is the norm in Indiana elected official arena. Get elected and pillage, plunder and hide behind the "law".

Although Mr. Scott is out of line he is only practicing the everyday rituals of live in Indiana politics.

The "good ole boys" have taught Marvin Well!

Anonymous said...

If you all think that Carson will look out for your interests-think about how you will look in a hijab-or the wife wearing a burka to Wal Mart. He is a fan of Farrakhan-who you all know is wanting to abolish USA-maybe put the Panthers in power huh?

Jon E. Easter said...

You are missing the point anon 12:29. This isn't even about Andre Carson and the lies you all are perpetuating about him.

It's about the fact that Marvin Scott associated himself with Stan Solomon.