Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Hodge Podge: Curry vs. Brizzi; Adamson Argues Against Parking Rate Hike; Arpaio Sued by Feds

Curry Takes On Brizzi
Carl Brizzi isn't running for re-election, but he still is a thorn in the side of the Republican Party and the candidacy of Mark Massa.

Democratic candidate for Prosecutor Terry Curry called a news conference on Monday and attacked Brizzi's decision to throw out the blood test that showed Officer David Bisard had a .19 blood alcohol level following the accident that killed 30-year-old Eric Wells and injured critically two others.

Curry advocated taking the test to court and letting a judge decide whether it was admissible into evidence or not. Curry essentially argued that if Brizzi had wanted to fight for the evidence; he could have fought harder for it. Curry said he would work with the Indiana General Assembly to close some gray area in the law.

Here is Curry's breakdown of the argument.

Parking Wars
City-County Council candidate and small business owner, Zach Adamson, appears in this report from Channel 8 regarding the proposal to raise parking fees and replace meters downtown. Mayor Ballard wants to hand off the operation of these meters to ACS, a private company, to manage the city's meters and parking spaces.

Note the year the rate increases go into effect. Adamson is running for Council, at-large.

Arpaio Sued
Just a couple weeks ago, supporters of State Treasurer Richard Mourdock brought in controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio to speak on the Republican's behalf and to raise money for Mourdock's re-election bid. Well, Arpaio's in the news again. Yesterday, the Department of Justice filed suit against Arpaio due to a lack of cooperation in the course of the government investigation into him and his department's practices. The investigation is into whether or not Arpaio's Maricopa County Sheriff's Department violating the rights of hispanics and latinos.

Arpaio denies the allegations and says he's been cooperating. It's an embarrassment for Mourdock and a tailored campaign issue now for Democratic nominee for Treasurer, Pete Buttigieg.


Anonymous said...

Zach gets it. Spread the word.

iPOPA said...

Zach really does. Huber says we would have had to borrow the money? To keep that revenue stream? We could have just raised the parking rates on our own, kept the profit margin, and done better over the long-term. Ballard, just like Governor Daniels, is looking to get up-front cash right now for every asset with a future he can sell to the highest bidder. Disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Curry wants to run against someone that isn't on the ballot.