Friday, September 24, 2010

Fifth District Has No Progressive Choice

There are four candidates on your ballot if you live in Indiana's 5th Congressional District, but none of them sound like they are progressives.

Of course, the incumbent, Dan Burton, who is from the wingnut wing of the Republican Party, is the only truly known commodity. He's an irrational conservative who has, over the years, done little in Congress but take up a seat. His own district and his own party was so appreciative of him that they gave him just 29 percent of the vote in the May Primary.

Tim Crawford won the Democratic nomination, but his positions read a lot like Burton's. Crawford has been erratic on the campaign trail showing little understanding of the important issues as viewed through a Democratic perspective.

Two educators have also joined the race, but they sound more tea party than coffee party. Libertarian Chard Reid's views, understandably, sound more Sarah Palin than Nancy Pelosi, and Jessie Trueblood's views sound perhaps a bit more moderate than Reid's or Crawford's, but they still sound pretty conservative.

So, thanks to the inability to nominate a progressive candidate like Nasser Hanna, progressives in the 5th CD have no choice but to choose the least of the four evils. That may be Burton. Yes, you read that correctly. At least Burton's views are mostly known. He may act like a wingnut, but he's your wingnut.

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