Friday, September 24, 2010

Diversity Group Finds Denial Over The Rainbow

The Ballard Administration should be appalled at this story: A local baker in a city-owned property has refused to make rainbow cupcakes for a National Coming Out Day event.

Fox 59 has the story:


You know, I was almost willing to give the bakery the benefit of the doubt after Lily Stockton, the co-owner, said that the store, Just Cookies, didn't sell cupcakes and that the rainbow was too many colors for them to do. Then, her husband David, a co-owner had to open his mouth and drag out the "V" word: Values. He cited his impressionable children as a concern. What, the children haven't seen a rainbow before? Come on man.

It's amazing that the values of unity and understanding are often looked over. Just Cookies has the right to do business anyway they please, but discrimination is always wrong.

Mr. Stockton should let his wife do the talking from now on, too.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Wow, this is such a non-story I'm surprised they covered it. If I wanted cupcakes with a cross on it for a religious event and they refused to do it because the baker was Jewish, I'd go to another bakery.

Like it or not, private business owners have the right to their own views. If you don't like those views, don't patronize their establishment.

The fact that Just Cookies is getting demonized over this makes me think I need to go to their stand and buy something today.

Wilson46201 said...

His two impressionable daughters who might be irreparably morally damaged by seeing cupcakes with rainbows are 17 & 20 years old. Delicate little flowers they!

Wilson46201 said...

So Paul Ogden would deliberately patronize bakeries that pointedly refuse to sell to Jews, Blacks, Catholics or veterans? You really want to support such bigotry proudly? That says a lot about the sorry state of the GOP in Marion County! Pitiful...

Anonymous said...

It also says alot about Paul Ogden.