Monday, September 20, 2010

Coats Attack Ads Backfiring?

Rasmussen Reports is reporting in a poll released on Friday that Dan Coats is holding stable at 50 percent, but his lead has dropped by five points to Brad Ellsworth. He currently leads Ellsworth 50-34 in the latest Rasmussen Poll. That 16-point lead is down from 21.

I personally believe the race is way closer than 16 points. It wouldn't surprise me to see Coats in the lead, but I just don't believe that it's a 16-point race. Rasmussen is a Republican-leaning poll. I still have not seen a balancing poll on the left side of things.

Ellsworth and his campaign remain vigilant and are attacking Coats on his record as a lobbyist. They also are accusing Coats and the lobbying firm of being for things that Coats now rails against on the campaign trail.

This could also be a reaction to the Coats' campaign's head-scratching decision to go negative in a not close race. Instead of using the bio-oriented ads to re-introduce Coats, they have made a decision to come out nasty and swinging. That's clearly not working, but I think Coats will have a difficult time winning a nice guy race with Ellsworth. He needs to distort the record and link Ellsworth to the so-called "liberal agenda" in Washington.

While there's less than two months remaining, there's still plenty of time for Ellsworth to cut further into this lead and take the lead himself. Expect Ellsworth to get back up on television soon and continue to expose the true Dan Coats. Folks, this one is still in play.

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Anonymous said...

Cerberus Capital Management???

Indiana pensions?

Chrysler investments?

Mitch, Dan C., Dan Q., & Snow?

This is going to get ugly really quick.

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