Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bombshell Drops in Secretary of State Race

The GOP was in an uproar when it was revealed that former Indianapolis City-County Councillor Patrice Abduallah lived outside the district he was elected to represent. Abduallah resigned his seat in District 15 of the City-County Council. Still, Republicans point to this as a sign of corruption, and Abduallah wasn't even running for state office.

Well, Democrats, it's your turn.

Republican nominee for Secretary of State Charlie White resigned his seat on the Fishers Town Council after it was revealed that he had moved outside of the district he represented--a very STUPID move for a man running to be the state's top election officer, don't you think?

His excuse as told to the Indianapolis Star...his busy schedule did not allow him to notice that his new condo was outside his district.



To say that you did not know that a condo you bought was outside your district is laughable. In fact, it's so laughable that it's not really funny. White took the money of the Fishers taxpayers while he was statutorily no longer able to serve on the Council. As Jim Shella reports, some Democrats want him to return the cash.

When I looked into running for Decatur Township Advisory Board, I studied the maps and found out where my district was. I made sure I was in the right district, and I even took note of the district's boundaries so that I could make the necessary voter calls and contact. I knew the boundaries like the back of my hand.

It's ludicrous to suggest that an elected official who has been serving a district for 10 years, as White has, to not know his own district. LUDICROUS! What kind of representative has he been to those residents if he doesn't know the boundaries? I would offer that his excuse might be more fit for fertilizing the fields of Hamilton County more than be believed by anyone over the age of six.

Ask any elected official the boundaries of their district, and they can quote them chapter and verse.

This is HUGE! The Vop Osili campaign must jump on this with both feet and get the word out across television screens statewide and on the radio everywhere. It's amazing when a near-October-surprise falls right in your lap.

The long and short of it is that the man who wants to be the state's top election officer moved outside the district that he was elected to serve DURING HIS RUN FOR SECRETARY OF STATE! Game over, Mr. White.

Here is Jim Shella's Channel 8 report.

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Great post Jon.

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