Monday, August 16, 2010

With Friends Like These...

Indiana's Treasurer of State Richard Mourdock is aligning himself with two controversial figures to help raise money and support for his re-election campaign.

Mourdock's Democratic opponent, Pete Buttigieg announced at the Johnson County Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner that Mourdock is bringing in Joe Arpaio, the extremely controversial Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, to help him raise money. He will be in Plainfield on August 20 at Hummel Park from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The Facebook link is here.

I don't say this about people often, but Arpaio is a despicable human being who doesn't know the meaning of the words cruel and unusual. Certainly, I have very
little sympathy for people that break the law, but I do believe they should be treated as human beings. Arpaio is known for making his inmates live in the desert elements and making male inmates wear pink underwear among other things. Those are rather tame. Arpaio is currently under investigation for abuse of power, and the Mayor of Phoenix has called Arpaio's term in office a "Reign of Terror".

He's the kind of person I wouldn't want to align myself with. Besides, what does a Sheriff of a county in Arizona have to do with the duties, the issues, and the re-election campaign of the Treasurer of State?

Looks like Glenn Beck will be sharing a stage with Mourdock on the Michiana 9/12 Project's "The Pursuit" on September 18, 2010. Mourdock is pictured on the website right under Beck. In the description, he is noted for his attempt to liquidate Chrysler. That move would have possibly crippled one of the state's largest employers.

I don't think I need to go in depth on Beck. We all know that he chases conspiracy theories, spreads lies, and has a pretty skewed view of the world.

Take heart though, Indiana voters. You do have a great choice this election. That is Pete Buttigieg.

At the JJ Dinner, Buttigieg reported that he is all over Indiana right now spreading his message. He said he is living off "fair food and anything I can get at the gas station."

Buttigieg's message has substance. Not only is he dinging Mourdock for who he's hanging out with, but he is getting after him for how he has run the office.

Unlike Mourdock who has put Indiana's cash in out-of-state banks, Buttigieg is advocating the investment of the state's money here at home and in companies and investments that will create jobs here. Buttigieg is highly critical of Mourdock's personal vendetta against the Obama Administration's policies to save GM and Chrysler. That personal cause, of course, culminated in Mourdock spending of taxpayer dollars in the previously mentioned lawsuit that would have forced Chrysler into bankruptcy.

He also reported that Indiana taxpayers might be surprised to know that our money is invested in Halliburton and also the News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News. He says that Mourdock has invested state funds in junk or non-investment grade bonds.

Buttigieg, a South Bend native, is Harvard-educated and was a Rhodes Scholar studying at Oxford. He is not taking bank money to support his campaign and has invited Mourdock to do the same though he says he's "still waiting" for the Treasurer's response.

As far as Mourdock goes, the old Ben Franklin adage rings true, "He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas."

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