Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tragedy at Indianapolis

A 13-year-old rider in one of the warm-up races was killed today after falling from his motorcycle and being struck by another rider.

Peter Lenz became the first racer to die at IMS since Tony Renna died during testing at the facility in 2003. The death also cast a dark shadow over what has become a popular event at Indianapolis.

We can debate rather or not a 13-year-old should have been out there on the track riding a bike, but, as his father said on his son's Facebook fan page today, "Peter passed away early this morning when he was apparently struck by another rider. He passed doing what he loved and had his go fast face on as he pulled onto the track. The world lost one of its brightest lights today. God Bless Peter and the other rider involved. #45 is on another road we can only hope to reach. Miss you kiddo. - Dad"

According to news reports, even though he was just 13, Lenz had a six year racing career that included 125 wins and nine national titles. He was, as Rich Nye put it on Channel 13, apparently "very qualified" to be on the track.

Parents do everything to let their children live their dreams. That's what this family was doing for young Peter.

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