Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New Budget's Here...The New Budget's Here

I'm going to review the city/county budget and what's being written about it before making too many crazy statements. Still, you have to wonder what that $33 million the city gave to a mediocre NBA franchise to stay in town (when I still maintain there were no places for them to go) would have done to help the city's bottom line.

I know, it's complicated. Sometimes things don't have a one-to-one relationship. That's the way it is with school budgets as well. It's why you can have a multi-million dollar buiding but no way to pay teachers to work in it.

It just doesn't look good when the budget comes out, and we're shuttering libraries on certain days during the week and pulling money out of a "rainy day fund" to balance the budget when we essentially gifted the Simons some cash to keep a failing business model in town.

Also, this bears watching. Councillor Jose Evans, Democratic candidate for Mayor, yesterday put out a news release claiming that Mayor Greg Ballard has decided to end the practice of allowing officers to take home their cars. Evans is in opposition to the plan.

If this is true, what a horrible time for Ballard to do this. With morale in the police department low and public safety in the community in doubt, Ballard wants to take more of a presence off the streets?

I guess he wants his opponent to get that FOP endorsement after all.


Kyle said...

No take-home cars!? That's absolutely ridiculous! Take-home cars provide several great advantages to the police force--plus, if they don't let officers take their vehicles home, they've got about three times the number of vehicle they need to run the department. (Eight hour shifts, etc.)

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Jackie Nytes, Ballard's favorite Democratic lapdog, refused to join the Democratic rejection of this budget. When she is going to change her party registration? The sooner, the better!!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Sorry Anon 11:28 you get to keep Nytes.