Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Unity Rally Planned at City Market to Oppose Arpaio Visit

When Treasurer of State Richard Mourdock takes the stage with Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he will be taking the stage with someone currently under investigation by federal authorities. He will also be taking the stage with a county sheriff that runs a jail whose practices, by most descriptions, walk the line between unconstitutional and constitutional. Mourdock's buddy Arpaio is anti-immigrant, and, as I said earlier this week, is just one piece of work.

The Indiana Federation of Young Republicans, whose Facebook page lists Republican At-Large City County Councillor Angel Rivera as an officer, is apparently ultimately responsible for bringing Arpaio to Hummel Park in Plainfield on Friday night. The fundraiser is benefiting Mourdock's re-election campaign.

A few local organizers aren't going to take Arpaio's visit in support of Mourdock lying down.

To celebrate the things Arpaio and his supporters seem to most fear, a unity rally has been organized by Operation Unity as a counter to the controversial Sheriff's Plainfield visit. Zach Adamson, At-Large City-County Council candidate, will speak at the rally which is set for Friday, August 20, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the City Market Plaza.

From the Facebook event page:
Operation Unity will be a protest against anti-immigrant activities and a celebration of the diversity that makes Indiana a vibrant state. The celebration is free and open to the public and will feature music, speakers and food.

WHY do we need opposition throught action?
On August 20, 2010, Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, will be a “special guest” of Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock who is seeking to raise money from Arpaio supporters. Thanks to one of the state's top elected officials, Hoosiers will be faced with an out-of-town visitor whose presence will inflame sentiments against many Hoosiers.

Arpaio’s practices, including his infamous sweeps that target anyone who appears to be an immigrant, have been the target of lawsuits. Arpaio is the subject of a federal investigation regarding his abuse of power in going after individuals who have opposed his tactics. Arpaio believes in using physical appearance to stop and inquire about immigration status.

Hoosiers should embrace the benefits of a changing Indiana demographic that moves our state into the 21st century and entry into the global community. We believe – Indiana believes - in moving forward.

It's still a major mystery to me as to why Mourdock wants to be seen somewhere with Arpaio. As Treasurer, Mourdock has NOTHING to do with law enforcement or really anything that Arpaio cares about. I guess he's going to do anything to raise money for a run at Governo...whoops...Treasurer. Many Republicans in the know privately tell you that Mourdock has his eyes trained clearly on Governor in 2012 and beyond the 2010 race.

Mourdock has a fight on his hands now. The Treasurer's race in 2006 was a close affair with Mourdock getting 52 percent of the vote, a thin majority, over Democrat Michael Griffin. This year's Democratic nominee, Pete Buttigieg, wants to simply be the Treasurer of State, and he has a good plan to keep Hoosier money in Indiana. As Hoosier voters continue to "Meet Pete" the choice should be clear, and it won't be for Arpaio's best buddy.

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