Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Hodge Podge: All Mostly Quiet on County Front

No one expected the race for Marion County Auditor, Assessor, Clerk, and Recorder to be mud hurling knockdown drag out battles between well-known household names, but things have been really quiet, especially from the Republican ticket.

Clerk of the Circuit Court
While Marion County Clerk Beth White has been loud and forceful while carrying the standard for satellite early voting centers to return to reality this election season. Her opponent, Republican Jana Scott, has been very silent on the issue. She has yet to respond to this blog’s request for information on her position. Scott told me at the Decatur Central Lions Club 4-H Fair that her experience as a security company executive qualifies her for perhaps the largest executive job in city-county government other than the Mayor’s job.

I expected more fireworks from both former Franklin Township Assessor, Becky Williams, and Deputy Assessor, Joe O’Connor, the Republican and Democratic nominees to replace Greg Bowes as Marion County Assessor. O’Connor has just recently begun making the rounds again to Democratic events, and the normally anything-but-quiet Williams has been largely silent and out of the press for a while.

No reason to think this race isn't still leaning towards O'Connor who did make a Wednesday morning appearance on the WIBC Morning News in his role as Bowes' right hand man. He did a great job explaining how folks from the Assessor's Office might end up in your back yard in the line of duty.

I'm sure it's a bit of a disappointment to Williams that she didn't end up taking on her arch-nemesis, Bowes. O'Connor's assessment credentials and nice guy personality make him tough to attack. Bowes' personality would have been an easier target.

The Libertarians are fielding James Madjak in this race.

Billie Breaux, the Marion County Auditor, has been making the rounds as a candidate despite the fact that she's really in little danger of losing to the Republican candidate, Joe Hecko. I think Breaux is in really good shape at this point, and she remains a tough force to beat on the ticket.

Joell Palmer is the Libertarian candidate.

Democrat Julie Voorhies, the incumbent, remains the favorite. She has been helping her husband, Bob Voorhies, through cancer treatment, but she still has been doing her best to get out and about. She has held a couple of fundraisers and has been active when her schedule permits. Republican opponent, Ted Clements, is mounting little challenge.

It would seem that the Republicans are definitely putting all their chips on the more high profile Marion County races this time around. Voters should not ignore these offices when voting. Remember, each of these county offices has its own set of responsibilities and duties.

For example, did you know that the Marion County Auditor and the Marion County Assessor are two of the three seats that make up the Marion County Commissioners. Treasurer Mike Rodman is in that third seat. In most counties, those offices are elected on their own. Unigov changed all of that in Marion County.

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Anonymous said...

I thoght O'Connor was Mr. Invisible. If he has finally started to campaign as you suggest, that is a positive sign.