Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alaskan Plane Crash Kills Fmr. Senator Ted Stevens; Former NASA Chief, Son Reportedly Survive

Indianapolis native and former Alaskan U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, 86, has died after a plane carrying him crashed last night near Dillingham, Alaska. Former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe, 54, was also onboard the plane, and Reuters reports that O'Keefe and his son have survived. There were other fatalities and survivors in the crash.

Stevens was the longest-serving Republican Senator in the history of the U.S. Senate. He served in the Senate from 1968 until 2009. O’Keefe was NASA Administrator from 2001-2005. The public became more familiar with O’Keefe after the 2003 Columbia Shuttle Disaster. O’Keefe is currently the CEO of EADS North America, a U.S. Defense contractor.

My thoughts and best wishes are with the families of those lost in the crash and also for the survivors. The crash was in a rather remote area and rescue workers are dealing with a great deal of weather issues in trying to reach the location.

The names of the victims and the survivors have now been released.

Dead in the crash are:
Ted Stevens, 86, former Senator
Dana Tindall, 48, Senior VP of GCI, an Alaskan Telecommunications Company
Corey Tindall, 16, Tindall's daughter
Bill Phillips, a lobbyist and former Stevens Chief of Staff, Phillips was the father of IU Football player, Paul Phillips
Terry Smith, 62, the plane's pilot

Surviving the crash are:
Willy Phillips, 13, the son of Bill Phillips and IU football player, Paul Phillips
Sean O'Keefe, 54, former NASA Administrator and current EADS CEO
Kevin O'Keefe, son of Sean O'Keefe
Jim Morhard, 53, lobbyist

The Anchorage Daily News reports that some of the survivors were seriously injured.

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Indy Student said...

Stevens was among the dead at the crash:


This is horrible news for all the families involved. I hope they're at least able to recover the body for a proper burial for those that died in the crash.