Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Evans Apparently Wrong on Take Home Cars

Yesterday, Jose Evans sent out a news release talking about his disagreement with an alleged announcement that Mayor Ballard was ending the policy of IMPD officers taking home their police cars to save money. Here is the full text of the release:

The recent shooting on the west side of Indianapolis where two residents, were killed and six others injured, demonstrate the vital importance of a police presence in our communities.

That’s why I am very concerned to learn that Mayor Greg Ballard today announced a new policy that will prohibit officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department from taking their vehicles home.

While I can appreciate the need to cut back on expenditures, the safety of our communities is not an area where a mayor should cut corners. The presence of police cars in neighborhoods where real people live, acts as a deterrent on the commission of crime. As crime in Indianapolis continues to soar, it is essential that we preserve this weapon against crime in our communities.

Last month, the Mayor announced he supported giving the Pacers $33.5 million dollars over three years. Now this month, the Mayor has taken the position that the safety of our communities as well as the loyal men and women who serve the public as law enforcement officers, do not deserve the same support.

Being mayor is about setting priorities. Mayor Ballard’s priorities appear to be about giving sweetheart deals and tax breaks to downtown businesses. As a candidate for Mayor, I would make keeping our communities safe and supporting our police officers a priority.

At the next Council meeting, I intend to introduce a resolution asking the Mayor to reconsider his decision to end take home cars for IMPD officers. I would respectfully ask my colleagues on the Council, both Democrats and Republicans, to support my resolution.

Well, I waited all day yesterday and some of the day today for the poo to hit the fan on this one, and it now appears that this "no take home cars for you IMPD" announcement by Mayor Ballard did not occur.

Pat Andrews at the Had Enough Indy blog addresses it in the comments section of this blog post, and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz discusses it here in a blog post.

Looks like Evans has a bit of egg on his face for jumping the gun to get out a news release. Let's hope it wasn't a recalled egg.

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