Thursday, August 12, 2010

Department of Public Safety Responds To Inquiry

Via its Facebook page, the Department of Public Safety responded to my concerns about a lack of Democratic representation on the new Public Safety Advisory Board.

Here is the response.

Jon, thank you for sharing your concerns. Ben Hunter was chosen because he is a former IMPD sergeant, the chief of Police at Butler University, and Chair of the Public Safety Committee. Angel Rivera was chosen because he is a prominent member of the Latino community and a well respected business person. This is an advisory board and members were chosen to represent a broad spectrum of the community and not based on their political affiliation.


Anonymous said...

This committee is a joke! Abdul and Amos as prominent members of our community?? Angel is completely out of touch with reality. Who are the clowns that put this circus together?

We have real problems and need thoughtful, effective people working on solutions. Wake up 25th!!

Indy Student said...

I personally don't have anything against anyone on the committee (though I disagree with Rivera and Hunter more than I agree with them). But just the idea of an "advisory committee" sounds like the same, bad middle management mindset that created the Summer Celebration "task force."

Paul K. Ogden said...

I guess I missed my call. I could have offered diversity - diversity of thought - a Republican who would tell other Republicans when they're wrong. I'm pretty sure they didn't want that kind of diversity.

Anonymous said...

The advisory committee is window dressing only. No one will listen to it so it is a complete waste of time.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I loved how Straub said that this is just a committee of his "friends". He apparently expects his friends to offer "diverse" opinions. Here's an idea...why not put people on the committee who are not Straub's friends?