Saturday, August 21, 2010

Demotions in IMPD

According to the Indianapolis Star, three of IMPD's brass are being demoted by Mayor Ballard, IMPD Chief Paul Ciesielski, and Public Safety Director Frank Straub. Frank Straub still has his job, too, btw. Assistant Chief Darryl Pierce, Assistant Chief Ron Hicks and Commander John Conley have all been returned to their "previous merit ranks" the Star says. This is in response to the Bisard accident investigation.

Here is the full story from the Star.


Anonymous said...

How about demoting Frank Straub? He was fired from his last job. What happened to the 'buck stops here'???

Anonymous said...

Since when does the F.O.P. provide legal representation/fees on criminal charges for an officer? This whole ordeal has been questionable to say the least. Demoting supervisors for such a blunder or was it really a blunder?

These guys, everyone of them should be terminated. period! What if you fouled up on your job at this magnitude would you be demoted?

The laws in the city do not pertain to police or elected officials. Time for this to change.

Cannot wait til the election.

Anonymous said...

The three men demoted had all been promoted by Straub in the last two months. What dos that say about say about the judgement of Straub. Straub needs to be fired.