Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daniels Ready for Some Flip Floppin'

Governor Daniels must be starting a shoe store. He's stocking up on flip flops. OH!

I'm sorry to my blog readers for that unfortunate joke.

On Fox News this past Sunday, Governor Mitch Daniels was spouting the right's talking points like an old hat at it. He said that the bill, created to save jobs, was just another spending spree for the Democrats in Congress, and that he did not support it. However, back when he denied he was running for President, he signed on to a letter pleading for...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...stimulus money for similar state aid. That, my friends, is a flip flop of "I voted for it before I voted against it" proportions. Sorry, Mr. Kerry.

Of course, the Governor's Office insists that Daniels has had a consistent position saying that if the federal government writes a check to the state, the state will cash it. That's a smart plan by Governor Daniels, but I bet he still decides to continue to cut the budgets of our schools and our local communities. He can do that a Governor. He has the ability to not give money appropriated to those entities to those entities.

Another flip flop is Mitch's sudden interest in a run at the Oval Office. Already running from well behind Republican frontrunners like Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Sarah Palin in fundraising, Daniels is the new sexy choice for a certain brand of conservative Republican that isn't affiliated with the religious right. Given the new attention, it appears that Daniels is at least entertaining the possibility of running for the office. This change comes after consistent claims of no, no, no just a few months ago.

Oh well, what's a few flip flops among friends, right?


Had Enough Indy? said...

Funny how Daniels wanted to spend construction stimulus money so fast he could soak up the money not spent by other states. But he balked at the extension of unemployment and flip flops on extra funding for medicaid.

Perhaps he looks at the ultimate recipients of these funds differently?

Anonymous said...

What happens when the recent funds that have been passed for teachers becomes available for Indiana? Will Mr. Flip Flop not take the money and keep teachers in Indiana in the unemployment line after he gutted the teachers in the Hoosier state?

If he has disdain for the federal money and not one Republican voted for the new legislation in the House of Representative how will Mr. President Mitch explain that one when he takes the money?

If he takes the money he riles the R buddies...If he doesn't take the money he riles the local Hooisers who need teachers in the classrooms.

Mitch, what is more important your good old boys club or the future of Indiana in education?

Make your stand Mr. Governor it will be your LEGACY!!!!!