Monday, August 2, 2010

Curry-palooza Wrap

Kudos to Terry Curry's campaign and the organizers of the Curry-palooza on Saturday evening at Radio Radio in Fountain Square.

I didn't stay the whole night, but I stayed long enough to know that I had never been to a political fundraiser quite like it. It was a heck of a show.

I arrived during the performance of DJ Rusty Redenbacher who played a wide variety of tunes while record scratching and mixing things up. Next up was two fifths of the Blue Monkey Sideshow. Krembo did some magic and some juggling, and Swami B did some glass walking and even put his face in glass while someone from the audience stood on his face. Joey Welch, Nancy Moore, and Mike Graves took the stage for an awesome set mixing a little bit of everything together with solid vocals, great guitar, and some DJ action. I didn't catch the last two acts of the evening, but, as I left, it seemed the crowd was sticking around.

What a varied and diverse crowd it was! Folks from all different walks of life were there. It was a big group that included not only current officeholders, candidates for office, and Democratic Party loyalists and big wigs. There were also regular folks both interested and barely interested in politics as well as a few swing voters in the house.

It was a good sign and a good turnout for the Curry camp. I know they gained a few dollars from the event, but it's also likely that the campaign got some more support and volunteers. That's critical in campaign that may be very close in the end. It was a great way to spend $20 and have a great time at a non-political political event.

I spoke to a friend of mine that was in the audience but is far less interested in party politics than I am. He said that if there were more events like this one that he'd probably get more involved. Kudos to the Curry campaign for, pardon the cliche, outside-the-box thinking.

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