Monday, August 23, 2010

Brad Ellsworth: To Serve and Protect

Am I alone in thinking that this is the direction Brad Ellsworth needs to take in his next group of ads? Ellsworth has an excellent stump speech where he explains how his law enforcement background has informed his experience in Congress. How when someone dials 911 that the person on the other end just wants help and how a true law enforcement officer doesn't care about the person in need's politics.

I believe this type of strategy would connect with Hoosiers. I would advise the Ellsworth campaign to make the next group of ads personal to Hoosiers. Make the election not about Washington lobbyists or about special interests, but let's make it about them. I know it all relates, but the contrast between Coats and Ellsworth will be even more stunning.

Ellsworth's best asset is himself. He comes off as authentic, real, and down-to-earth. Play it up! Coats is anything but!!!

Just some free political advice. Until then, enjoy what I think could be trimmed into a couple of 30 second ads.

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