Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bowes Bids Farewell? Nah.

Greg Bowes is still the Marion County Assessor.

You wouldn't know it if you visit the Marion County Democratic Party at 148 E. Market Street downtown. Bowes' picture as a Marion County officeholder has been replaced on the wall by a Marion County Democratic Party logo. One of the many consequences of Bowes deciding to challenge the slating process in Marion County by running against the slated candidate, Terry Curry, in the May Primary.

Bowes sent out an e-mail to supporters yesterday congratulating Terry Curry. In it, he sounds like someone that is not necessarily done with politics but is maybe for now. Here is the e-mail in full. One question: Is this a full endorsement of Curry?

It was three months ago today that Democratic voters in Marion County chose to nominate Terry Curry as our candidate for Prosecutor. I want to congratulate Terry for his victory, and I wish him success in November.

I am writing now to thank all of you who supported me. All of the success I have had as a City-County Councillor or as the Assessor has come because of your encouragement, advice and support. The fact that I attained over 35% of the primary vote shows that you worked hard against long odds to help my campaign for Prosecutor.

I am proud of the work I did as Assessor. We created a more professional and efficient system, giving us more confidence that all of us are taxed fairly. I took office at the beginning of a crisis, and am proud to say that we are very close to being out of the woods. We completed five annual assessments in just three and a half years. With each new assessment, we saw fewer taxpayers challenge the assessment. Tax bills were sent to taxpayers on time this year for the first time in four years. This year, our assessments were finished in July, well before legislative bodies such as the City-County Council decide on next year’s spending. This was the first time in over seven years that has happened.

I am also proud of my time as a City-County Councillor. I co-authored and co-sponsored the SmokeFree Air Ordinance that protects workers and business patrons from the dangers of second-hand smoke. I joined as a sponsor to extend the protections of the Human Rights Ordinance to all citizens, regardless of sexual preference or gender identity.

There is one thing that stands out for me after eight years of government service: there is much more to be done to improve our community. I hope to find an opportunity to serve the public after my Assessor term ends. I hope you will all join me to try to make the lives of our friends and neighbors easier and full of opportunity.

Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Greg Bowes

Hate to nitpick you Greg on your "farewell" letter, but it's not sexual preference. It's sexual orientation. But, I'm happy you helped get that ordinance through!

Greg has been very decent to me, and anyone that reads this blog knows that I was pretty critical of his decision to continue the challenge of Curry after it was clear that the support was just not there. With that said, I am glad that we have remained cordial to each other, and I think we remain friends (you would have to ask him, though).

To Greg: I say thanks for your service to the City of Indianapolis and to Marion County.


Had Enough Indy? said...

How juvenile of the county party office to replace his picture.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I agree. Marion County is about the only place in the country that has slating, and there's a reason doesn't work well. Party officials need to at least understand that slating is only the endorsement of party workers (and even that is questionable with the mummy dummmies put in to vote) and those folks are not the party electorate which votes in the primary. Anyone should be free to run in a primary without penalty.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I agree totally with you, Paul.

It really bothers me, although others might say I should merely find it ironic, that we are called the 'Democratic' Party, when, here in Marion County, we are autocratically run and manipulated.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you are wrong. Many places in the country have slating. We just went through the Colorado statewide slating conventions that both parties have prior to the primary. Rural counties frequently dont have them as everyone knows everyone. Slating serves a purpose and if the party screws it up, the public usually lets them know in the primary.

Anonymous said...

Greg Bowes: The answer to a question nobody asked.