Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ballard Administration Could Be Ready To Ask For More of Your Money (Again)

Mayor Greg Ballard's Administration may be ready to ask citizens of Indianapolis to dig deeper in their pockets for more money to park your car along city streets.

WTHR's Mary Milz filed this report on the city's desire to look into another big-payoff-for-selling-a-city-asset deal in leasing its parking meters to a private company even though it's not going so well in Chicago.

We should have known something was up when this article appeared in the Indianapolis Star about the current parking rates in downtown Indianapolis being lower than other major cities.

Now, let the ramming through process begin?? The City of Indianapolis sent out this notice to neighborhood groups and organizations. Zach Adamson, candidate for City-County Council, reported it on his Facebook page. As I write this now, there is nothing on the City of Indianapolis' website's front page about this meeting. It also doesn't appear on the calendar for August 3, either. Indy Student sent me this link via comment about the process which does include a small meeting notification in the sidebar. Hmmmm...

Something tells me that there will be a deal announced and then it will be said that there were meetings along the way about it that everybody could have attended. Nah...that's something that would never happen...selling city assets without a vibrant public process...nah. That's all wet.


Indy Student said...

I talked about this with Chris Worden a few months ago when a lot of bloggers met with Citizens legal representation at the City-County Building. The weekend before that meeting , the Ballard administration put up a bunch of deals that were solicited:


Looks like the meeting posted is right there.

Of course, this doesn't rule out the backroom deals that could be happening outside of the meetings.

I guess this meeting will tell us if these will be as ridiculous as the Citizens Energy public forums.

I'll try to make time for it.

Jon E. Easter said...

Made an update to include your link in the post. Thank you. It is not on the city website's front page, and it is also not listed on the calendar of "all public meetings."

Anonymous said...

Will anyone be surprised if Ballard gets Councilor Jackie Nytes support for this? She is Ballard's favorite Democrat and always willing to desert her party and vote with the GOP and Ballard.

Paul K. Ogden said...

So are we going to lease the meters for 75 years to generate cash to pavehe roads before the 2011 election?

Paul K. Ogden said...

But do any of these bidders offer "synergies?" I wouldn't want my councilor to vote for any plan that doesn't use the word "synergy" at least 10 times.

Tom Sisson said...

I don't suppose it was premeditated to schedule the meeting during the National Night Out, an event where the most concerned with what goes on in government would be occupied with involving the community in coming together to promote crime prevention activities. Perhaps instead, it is just ironic that while the city is working to prevent crime that politicians are committing crimes in working out deals to give away city property to friends and political supporters--larceny, and diverting the financial resources of parking revenue for financial advantage--pecuniary advantage or possibly criminal conversion.