Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ball Memorial Hospital Responds to Outrage

The treatment of Erin Vaught at Ball Memorial Hospital chronicled on Fox 59's newscast earlier this week sparked outrage across the country in not only the LGBT community, but the community at-large.

A quick visit to Ball Memorial Hospital's Facebook page revealed the depth of outrage over the way Vaught was treated when she visited the emergency room in mid-July with some sort of lung condition.

To their credit, Ball Memorial Hospital has finally responded and has said they plan to review how they do things. The hospital released this statement (poor headline, btw) on its website:

BMH Responds To Transgender Conversation

Muncie - As has been widely reported in various media, regarding a transgender woman involving her recent experience while seeking services at Ball Memorial Hospital, the patient’s account of what transpired during her visit concerns us deeply and gave us pause.

It prompted us to take action! Ball Memorial Hospital (BMH) is engaging with Indiana Equality & Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance to assist with review of BMH care policies, employee benefits, and diversity training. BMH is collaborating with both groups to develop a curriculum for employee LGBT awareness training to improve sexual orientation and gender identity awareness in BMH anti-discrimination training. This will include sensitivity to the sometimes special health care needs of people who are transgender.

Discussions also included Ball Memorial Hospital’s 2010 strategic plan to implement a Diversity Council that will include local community member participation that reflects the varied and diverse community served by our hospital. The Council will be charged with the development of an inclusive diversity initiative that results in ensuring a culture of respect, trust and engagement.

Ball Memorial Hospital is committed to providing preeminent health care services for all our patients, and to continue its tradition of treating all patients and families with dignity and respect.

To all who have posted on our Facebook page, we thank you for your feedback!

Mike Haley
President & CEO
Ball Memorial Hospital

Let's hope that Mr. Haley reached out to Vaught and has apologized to her as well.

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