Friday, July 23, 2010

You Want Honesty in Government? Look to Newark?

Mayor Cory Booker posted this YouTube video of him explaining, in grim detail, the City of Newark's awful budget situation.

It's on one hand extremely scary when you think about what he's saying, but, on the other hand, it's incredibly honest for a politician to post this on his own YouTube channel and on his own Facebook profile.

You see, saying things like raising taxes, public safety layoffs, and "Draconian" budget cuts are typically not something a Mayor would say. Then again, Cory Booker is not your ordinary Mayor.

Watch the video and be amazed at the honesty and the passion. This is leadership. The ability to stand up and take responsibility for what needs to be done even if no one really likes what has to be done. In Newark, NJ, there are no winners under this budget, but it's a bit of fiscal medicine that the city is being forced to swallow thanks to revenue. There is no smoke and mirrors at work here.

Being a Mayor is something I don't aspire to be, and I salute anyone that wishes to be in that role, regardless of party.


Indy Student said...

Why did you tag Chris Christie in this?

I first took notice of Newark when they went the entire month of May without a single homicide. In previous years (07-08), they were in the top 25 of most dangerous cities in America.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks for keeping me honest. I had Christie in an original draft, but I removed him.

kris said...

It's a sad state of affairs when we laud a politician as amazingly honest when they don't bullshit their constituents.

Just one of the many things wrong with politics. Like not having term limits for Congress and state lawmakers. Not to mention $3000 for doughnuts and $600,000 for bottled water.


And he would not be in this position had there not been administration after administration who brought Newark to this point.

Indy is still cleaning up after Bart, Goldsmith, and Hudnut and will likely have to do so for a long time.

Jon E. Easter said...

Can you ever imagine Mayor Ballard giving this kind of honest assessment to voters?

There is no doubt a political undercurrent, but Mayor Booker is simply stating the facts and what will have to be done to keep the city running.

You selectively forgot adding Mayor Ballard to the list of Mayors you allege have been running up debt in the city. Latest example: $33 million to the Simons to keep a mediocre NBA team no one watches.

Anonymous said...

HFT is there anyone you like???

warrenpeace said...

Being mayor is clearly a hard job. Newark is screwed. Even though I don't live there, I appreciate his honesty. There isn't enough of that in politics today. Hope his citizen feel the same way.