Friday, July 30, 2010

When NOM Supporters Attack

Last Monday, the National Organization for Marriage came to town and staged a "rally" on the steps of the Indiana Statehouse. The "rally" only drew about three dozen people. LGBT activists came out in force and, though loud, were peaceful.

Unfortunately, it seems to have been too much for some. My friend, Alice Hoenigman, took a punch to the gut by one of the NOM rally attendees. In true Alice fashion, she brushed it off and even credits Maggie Gallagher, the NOM founder, for shaking her hand.

There is now a movement by NOM supporters to vilify the LGBT activists. This one got several details wrong in his letter to the Indianapolis Star. There was no "portable sound system" (other than a megaphone) on the scene, and I don't know how anyone can watch video or look at pictures of the rally and protest and see anything but a loud but peaceful counterprotest. It would seem to be that the NOM supporters were the ones that couldn't handle the heat.

I don't care where you stand on the issue. I believe that there should be marriage equality if the government is going to be in the marriage business, but this kind of conduct by supporters of NOM or people who attend their rallies just can't be tolerated, and the attempts to re-write history on events can't go unchallenged.

Here's Alice's account of the gut punch incident, reported by the NOM Tour Tracker.

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