Monday, July 12, 2010

Vaughn vs. Sanders on Utilities Transfer Deal in Fox 59's Faceoff Segment

By Jon E. Easter

If you have not seen it yet, Republican Council President Ryan Vaughn and Council Minority Leader, Democrat Joanne Sanders, went tete-a-tete in a July 6 Fox 59 Face Off segment. In a bout that wasn't even close, Sanders whooped up on Vaughn who appeared to be out-of-touch with the prevailing opinion on the street. While the Star's own Matt Tully regaled the deal as the greatest thing since sliced bread and called the opposition to the deal nothing but a political ploy, the only 39.1 percent of the 1,457 voters in the Star's unscientific poll on the utility transfer deal they thought the deal was good for taxpayers.

Paul Ogden on his blog calls Sanders the winner, too.

Sanders of course has the easier job here. She's attacking the plan of Mayor Greg Ballard that has more holes in it than Swiss cheese while Vaughn had to stumble around and defend it. The argument that one thing (the water and utilities deal) will lead to another thing (great streets and roads in Indianapolis) is just silly. As Sanders points out, if you believe the Mayor Ballard's numbers, only 25 percent of the needed repairs is covered by this plan. Note Vaughn's stumbling to answer what 25 percent will get done first.

Get your popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy this one.


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Anonymous said...

I hope politiicians of both parties are listening to this scam.