Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tennessee's Next Governor??

What is it about the south? First, Alvin Greene in South Carolina, now...this guy: Basil Marceaux. Mr. Marceaux is interesting to say the least, but, at least he got his entire platform condensed and out there in about a minute and get a plug in for his website at the start of this local news broadcast clip. Bravo for the local TV station for including Mr. Marceaux.

Interestingly, he's not expected to win the GOP Primary, but no one expected Alvin Greene to win in South Carolina, either. Knoxville Mayor Paul Haslam is the frontrunner in both the GOP Primary and in the General Election polling over Democrat Mike McWherter. Term-limited Phil Bredensen, a very popular Democrat, cannot seek a third term.

For more interestingness, visit good ole' Basil's website.

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