Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NOM Silenced by Monday Counter Protest

The National Organization for (discrimination in) Marriage brought its "Badyear Blimp" bus tour to Indianapolis on Monday for a rally on the Statehouse steps. A well-organized counter protest by members of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats and others interested in marriage equality drowned out the hate in the interest of the freedom to love.

The NOM tour has featured people speaking in tongues in other cities and rolled out this gem yesterday. An apparent local individual showed up with this horrible sign that pretty much makes it clear where supporters of the NOM stand. The Bilerico Project published this picture and has full coverage of the rally and the counter protest, as well as an interview with the guy that brought the sign.

It's time for this wedge issue to come off the table. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. All marriages should be considered civil unions in the eyes of the law. The government should get out of the marriage business altogether. To me, marriage is a "church" thing. I just don't believe that government should be telling folks who can enter into the bond of "holy matrimony" any more than the NOM is.

With that said, until that day comes where the government is no longer the arbiter of who can get married and who can't, it's time for equality. You should be able to get married if you're gay or straight. It's a human rights issue. Other countries and other states do it, and the sun still comes up in the morning. The world did not screech to a halt. Everything is fine.

The biggest threat to marriage is not same sex marriage; it's divorce. A protester at the NOM rally pointed this out. It's a purely hypocritical position to not point out this truism. I am not advocating the end of divorce. Unions just don't work out sometimes, but it is a threat to definition. Failing to allow same sex marriage is a threat to human rights.

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