Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW RULES! Ok...New's July 1

By Jon E. Easter

July 1, being the midway point of the year, always is the date many new rules take effect. The Indianapolis Star has all the details here.

Everyone buying alcohol now has to show ID even if you are 220.

If you're a teen getting your license, you now have to wait longer than before (BOO).

You can now register to vote online (YAY). Indiana is one of seven states to allow this, according to the Star.

Instead of taking your daughter or son to work, you can now take your gun...with a few restrictions. Of course, for some, his or her gun IS his or her son or daughter.

If you're a gambling deadbeat parent, your winnings at casinos can be taken for child support.

All of this new stuff on the books, and it's still illegal to sell a car on Sunday! More fun Indiana laws here. Have fun!

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