Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus Officially Has a Caucus

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has a friend in her new Tea Party Caucus. It's Indiana's 6th District Representative Mike Pence.

Pence, a member of the House Republican leadership, said he would join up with Bachmann's group if asked telling Talking Points Memo:

My hope is that this Tea Party caucus...will be an avenue for bringing some of the energy and the enthusiasm and the focus that I've seen, from the National March on Washington where I spoke on 9/12, to traveling around Indiana and all around the country, deeper into the well of Congress.

Having such an accomplished Representative in their ranks really gives the Tea Party Caucus a big recruiting tool. I mean, let's list all of Pence's accomplishments since he's been in Congress. There was that...and the...and uhh...well...um...hmmm. He's done a lot of interviews!!!! :-)

Pence has been pretty much an empty suit in Congress so far. He has carried water for the Republican leadership and former President George W. Bush. Joining the Tea Party Caucus will position him well for a 2012 run at the Republican nomination for President. Pence is conservative enough and evangelical enough to survive the Republican Primary process. This Tea Party Caucus thing will look really nice to those voters on his resume.

Let's face it, he's good at politics, and, when the Tea Party folks are your constituents, it just doesn't take a whole lot to wow them. I mean, they still think Sarah Palin's amazing and look to Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint for leadership.

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Doug said...

On "Hardball" last night Pence was describing expiration of the Bush tax cuts as the "biggest tax increase in history." I'm stunned that the republicans think people are stupid enough to buy that argument and aghast at knowing some fellow Hoosiers will. Can they possibly gain control of Congress by advocating tax breaks for the wealthy while refusing the extend benefits for the unemployed?