Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IMPD Deserves Heaping Loads of Credit in Downtown Shootings Case

After tough weeks of questions about the conduct of a few officers, IMPD proved on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday why we have, overall, a great police department here in town.

It's not a perfect department. It has its bad apples, but the far vast majority of IMPD officers and employees are committed to keeping this city safe and keeping criminals off of our streets.

The speed at which IMPD removed a suspect with allegedly no regard for human life from the streets of Indianapolis was break-neck. The shootings happened at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night. By 3:00 p.m. on Monday, the department had tracked down their suspect and was putting him behind bars.

This excellent police work comes with stories of heroism as the bullets flew on Saturday night. Tales of officers covering young people and moving others out of the danger zone are now coming to light. We should all be proud of these efforts regardless of political party.

Now comes the hard part for Mayor Greg Ballard, Indiana Black Expo, IMPD, clergy, families, politicians and other agencies as they try to crunch the facts and continue to ensure that every night of the Summer Celebration continues for the next 40 years and beyond without violence.

This is not a political issue.

Indiana Black Expo is a primarily peaceful event that adds so much to the culture of this city. We cannot lose it as some knee-jerk reactionaries would suggest as a solution. It's too important. We can, as a community, fix this. The important thing is not to close your mind because of the alleged acts of one or two or three individuals. Let's keep the lines of communication open. That's the only way to solve it for the future.


varangianguard said...

IMPD didn't "track" anybody down. As per most big breaks, someone tipped them off.

A good citizen (or at least one who wanted a reward) broke this case, not any police work.

The Mayor ought to pay the tipster a big bonus. Saved him from a lot of egg on his face.

Anonymous said...

Ballard put the 4 IMPD helicopters in mothballs to help balance his budget. IMPD had to rent one from the State Police to help handle this situation. Public safety a priority??? Not with Mayor Ballard.

Anonymous said...

IMPD also deserves a lot of credit for having a top-notch homicide detective team, as the TV show "The Shift" on Investigation Discovery channel proves each week. Their homicide close rate is exceptional and I wish more people would give IMPD credit for their hard work. Give them a fair contract, Mayor!

Jon E. Easter said...

Received in the mail on 7/22.

"Thank you very much for your kind words.

It is people like you that motivates us to work harder and smarter.

Detective/Lieutenant Kevin J. Kelly
IMPD CID Homicide
'The Shift' "

Thanks Lt. Kelly for sharing your views.