Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fundraising Numbers Looking Good for Dems So Far; Poll Concerning for Ellsworth

In this year of anti-Democratic Party sentiment (at least that's what the right would have you believe), you would believe that the political fundraising would be troublesome for Democrats. Perhaps Dems and their supporters might not be as enthused about things, right?

Well, that doesn't appear to be the case. The Indianapolis Star reports that four Democrats are winning the cash race right now, and that could cause problems for the Republican dream of taking back the Indiana Congressional delegation majority.

In the 8th District, the Star reports that Trent Van Haaften is leading his Republican opponent in money $360,479 to $206,593. Ninth District Congressman Baron Hill is wiping the floor with Republican challenger Todd Young with his $1.1 million war chest. Young has a little over $259K. Second District Congressman Joe Donnelly is slightly under $1 million in campaign funds raised while his challenger, Republican State Rep. Jackie Walorski, has nearly $308K on hand.

Most surprisingly, Democrat Tom Hayhurst leads Republican Marlin Stutzman in the 3rd Congressional District fund race. The figures there put Hayhurst at nearly $280K on hand with Stutzman only raising $41K thus far.

Even Democrat David Sanders leads Republican Todd Rokita in cash on hand. Sanders has over $100K on hand to Rokita's $63K. Much of that comes from a personal loan to his campaign, but it's still significant to see over $100K in the bank for the 4th District Democratic nominee.

Statewide, the fundraising battle between Brad Ellsworth and Dan Coats for the U.S. Senate seat is almost a dead heat. While Coats raised more money than Ellsworth in the quarter, Ellsworth has $1.5 million cash on hand to Coats' $1 million.

That's the good news, but a poll has tough cause for pause for Brad Ellsworth.

A new Rasmussen Poll shows Ellsworth has a lot of work to do with Coats leading him by 21 points. The poll was taken right before Ellsworth launched his ad campaign, however. Rasmussen is also known for leaning conservative. I wouldn't ignore it totally, though, if I were Ellsworth.

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