Thursday, July 15, 2010

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Fighting Heart Failure

By Jon E. Easter

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, 69, announced yesterday that he's fighting Congestive Heart Failure and underwent a medical procedure to help his heart continue to pump.

As someone who lost his 69-year-old father to pneumonia which was ultimately helped by congestive heart failure, I can feel what the Cheney family is going through right now. It's important to remember that while we may disagree with Dick Cheney and his actions in office as Vice President that he is a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

My thoughts are with the Cheney family, and I wish the former Vice President the best as he deals with these very serious health issues. Get well soon Mr. Cheney! I want to be hurling political barbs your way for years to come.


Anonymous said...

You really do need to crawl back into the hole. Socialism has shrunk to a new low.At least show some class.

I notice you didnt say a thing about your buddy Bird?
Being a racest and all.
Your half hearted atempt to console the family is very thin at best.

You need to grow up.Please go have another drink of the socialist flavord kool-aid with yoru buddy Ed.

Jon E. Easter said...

On Byrd:

On Cheney:
I'm sorry you doubt my sincerity.

On You:
Speaking of crawling back "into the hole"...