Monday, July 26, 2010

Curry Campaign Finally Rolling

Terry Curry's campaign for Prosecutor has heated up these past few weeks and is now rolling with that momentum I previously called for in other blog posts.

Curry's campaign has knocked on thousands of doors (including mine in Decatur Township) so far, and they have been making thousands of phone calls while the candidate himself continues to raise campaign cash for the fall. Caught at a recent fundraiser, Curry says that his message is about to roll out and that he hopes to continue to get some traction with earned media as well.

It appears that Curry intends to make his message about his accomplishments as a Deputy Prosecutor. He is out and talking up his record of getting convictions in all different sorts of crime. Of course, this is in sharp contrast to the current prosecutor who continues to underwhelm even his former friends.

His opponent, Mark Massa, has also had his campaign out and about, but I have heard from sources that are as reliable as Abdul's are sometimes (hehehe, sorry big guy) that Massa seems disinterested in the campaign. There are reports from some sources that Massa was less than enthused about running but felt bad about turning down the Governor Daniels' direct request for cover...I mean to run. It will be interesting to see where Massa lands after the campaign ends.

It seems like the campaign for Prosecutor is beginning to ramp up towards the crescendo in November.


Anonymous said...

Massa would just be more of Brizzi and we dont need that.

Bob said...

I'm sure he is interested; however, carrying Carl Brizzi's water is exhausting.

I wonder if he is getting tired of hearing all the well-deserved negative comments about how Brizzi and Wyser ran the Marion County Prosecutor's Office into the ground. It is a tough burden to bear.

Anonymous said...

Massa not enthused? Sorry, but your sources must be terribly off. I've seen Massa out every weekend at a plethora of different events. There is almost something every DAY going on his campaign.

Need to check your facts before reporting Massa is disinterested in his campaign; his campaign is all over Marion County...MUCH more then I have seen from Curry. A LOT more.

Jon E. Easter said...

"I have heard from sources that are as reliable as Abdul's are sometimes."

Take the comment for what it's worth. No facts to check. It was an observation.