Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Channel 13 Reports Mayor Ballard "Undecided" on Re-election Campaign

Even though he's raised a boat load of campaign cash and has some campaign materials making the summer fair and festival circuit, WTHR reports tonight that a spokesperson for Mayor Ballard's Office informed the station that Ballard is undecided on running for a second term. Channel 13 approached the Mayor's Office after getting their hands on an invitation to what they termed, "a campaign-style event."

I don't know if I believe the denial or not. About a year ago, I thought it was likely that Ballard wouldn't run. He's not a very good public speaker, and he can come off as unfriendly at times in a room with a lot of people. Still, I find him a fairly engaging guy one-on-one with voters. He took a picture with me at the Decatur Central Lions Club 4-H Fair while I was wearing buttons and stickers for Democratic candidates. He is a pretty good sport about that stuff apparently.

It makes you wonder if the Marion County Republican Party is pushing their Mayor to run, and he may be having second thoughts. Who knows? Probably just the Mayor and his wife, Winnie, at this point. Everybody knows Ballard owes the party very little. He got elected on his own and due to circumstance. Even he's smart enough to know that.

If not Ballard, then who? That's a great question for the Republicans. If Ballard doesn't run, then whichever candidate or candidates do will find themselves way behind Democratic hopefuls Ron Gibson, Jose Evans, and Melina Kennedy. Waiting too long may open Ballard up to a Primary Election fight he would likely win but probably doesn't want to take part in.

As WTHR said, keep an eye on this story.


Had Enough Indy? said...

He's running. This coyness is silly. He just has to jettison is old campaign slogan.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I've often said it's not a given that Ballard will run for re-election. I think there's about 75% chance he will...so very high, but not that high for an incumbent Mayor in his first term.

varangianguard said...

I wouldn't put it past him (or his handlers) to be considering a run for Governor. lol