Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breaking News: Downtown Shootings Mar Otherwise Peaceful Summer Celebration

By Jon E. Easter

Fox 59 is reporting several shots fired downtown tonight and at least six people wounded outside the Steak & Shake at Maryland and Illinois and another person wounded at the intersection of Georgia and Meridian. This, of course, on the penultimate night of Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration on an evening that caters to teenagers.

Of course, there is no motive or any suspects mentioned in the Fox 59 report, but it does, unfortunately, reflect on one of the city's marquee events. IMPD was on the scene within seconds. They are advising staying away from the area unless you have information.

Channel 13 is reporting one suspect is in custody.

Now, 13 is reporting eight people shot and no one in custody. Richard Essex, a reporter for channel 13, reports this perhaps being the chaotic IBE night in his eight years of reporting.

Comments shut down this Sunday a.m. after several ridiculous ones were received.

Here is the full story from the Indianapolis Star.


Indy Student said...

Did Mayor Ballard actually say "No comment" in relation to this story? What exactly was he asked?

Maybe you've been more attentive, Jon. Someone on Abdul's Facebook says crime stats peek twice a year, during Circle City Classic and Black Expo. Any truth to this to your knowledge?

Jon E. Easter said...

Mayor Ballard has been silent to my knowledge, and I'm not sure that, to his defense, it would add anything to the conversation at this point.

I do not know the accuracy of that claim on the spike in crime.