Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Reasons Why Marvin Scott Thinks He Can Beat Andre Carson

Marvin...Marvin...Marvin. Dear Marvin. If you were not Marvin Scott, I would smile and laugh and admire how cute some of the things your campaign is doing are. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott has already decided to play the religion card on André Carson and has hooked his wagon to the Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Tea Party star.

Each week, there's something else. Now, his campaign has now released, via the candidate's website, 30 reasons why they think they can beat André Carson.

It fits right in with Saturday Humor. I couldn't get through the first 10 without laughing.

Here goes (with my comments in parenthesis), enjoy:

30 Reasons Why Dr. Marvin Scott Will Defeat André Carson

1. Dr. Scott is the perfect candidate vs. extreme liberal André Carson.
(In the 7th District? Not likely.)
2. Dramatically better organized, better staffed and better funded campaign than previous Republican candidates. Dr. Scott has the best, seasoned, and connected political advisors.
(Hmm...I can't speak to this one exactly but knowing who is working for him, I doubt it.)
3. The campaign team has put together a winning campaign plan and strategy.
(Not that I've seen.)
4. Tremendous name recognition of our candidate.
(He has name recognition, but I'm not sure it's "tremendous".)
5. Dr. Scott has very high positives in the district.
(Show me the poll.)
6. High Republican voter intensity in 2010 vs. low Democrat voter intensity.
(This remains to be seen. I would say that he might have a point here, but I think there are people on the ticket that will bring Democrats to the polls on November 2.)
7. Dr. Marvin Scott is a black candidate, negating the “race” card.
(Why bring this one up? Just odd.)
8. 2010 is an off year election & the strongest candidate in Indiana is Senator Dan Coats who is leading by 30 points.
(The most recent Rasmussen poll shows nothing like a 30 point lead for Coats, and most political advisers believe that the race will tighten. I doubt Coats will carry the 7th District.)
9. Independents are leaning Republican by a 2:1 margin.
(I have not seen this polling, so I don't know what they are quoting.)
10. Dr. Scott won the primary even though he was not the slated Republican party candidate and was outspent by 9:1.
(I can't speak to the accuracy of the claim, but he did prevail.)
11. Dr. Scott has a long & proven record of leadership, success and service to the district.
(Dr. Scott has a long & proven record of losing elections.)
12. Our opponent is far to the left of the vast majority of the constituents of the 7th District.
(I would ask to see the poll and the documentation on this.)
13. Indiana’s voter ID law will reduce voter irregularities.
(The voter ID law has been in effect since the 2006 election cycle. No wins for Republicans in the 7th District.)
14. ACORN will not be as active in the past.
15. Our website is a tremendous tool and asset.
(The website shows Marvin Scott might be a tremendous tool and ass-et. Sorry, that was low.)
16. Our TV network allows us to get our message out effectively.
(Yeah, Stan Soloman...what a guy!)
17. Tea Party support is very substantial.
(Finally one I can agree with.)
(I'll take the next ones as a whole...)
18. Support from the Jewish community is much larger than ever before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
19. Support from the black community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before.
20. Support from the Catholic community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
21. Support from the business community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
22. Support from the Indian community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
23. Support from the Pro-Life community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
24. Support from the Pro-Second Amendment community is much larger than any Republican candidate has received before based on our opponent’s positions and votes.
(I would ask the campaign to please cite specifics on each group for numbers 18-24.)
25. An ever growing army of volunteers.
26. Dr. Scott has a clearly defined set of principles to articulate during the campaign.
27. Success of Governor Mitch Daniels in 2008 in the district.
(Not sure it carries over here.)
28. Success of Mayor Greg Ballard in 2007 in city of Indianapolis.
(The 7th District is not the entire City of Indianapolis.)
29. A national campaign fund raising mail campaign strategy.
(I don't have a problem with this, but Carson is doing the same thing.)
30. A national campaign fund raising email campaign strategy
(See Above.)

I can make a list of one reason why Marvin Scott will not beat Congressman Carson besides the fact that mathematical analysis, common sense, and most indicators would back up a Carson win.

1. Congressman Carson has been an involved, effective, and excellent representative for his constituents in the 7th District.

Enough said.


Ben said...

Comrad Jon,

Lets palk about point 8 there friend.It's your socialist candidate that brought up the race card.Im still waiting for the proof that somone used the "N"word.You might want to rethink your bashing him on that one..shall we go on?

I just love Socialist,you are never wrong.

Indy Student said...

Hey Ben, you didn't talk about point 8.

So let's talk. The Senate race is seen as close. Both national parties had a heavy hand in picking the candidate, and will likely dump money into the race.

The Senate race, a state wide seat, has nothing to do with IN-7's race. Carson wins, and nothing short of a live boy/dead woman scandal will bring him down at this point. That's what happens when you live in a district where one political party has a majority among the population.

As another blog put it, Congressman Carson owes his constitutents an explanation on the racial slurs allegedly hurled during the health care debate. But it won't harm his chances at re-election.

Jon E. Easter said...

You still can't spell "Comrade" first of all.

Secondly, the eighth point was about the Senate race in Indiana. The right-leaning Rasmussen poll has Ellsworth down 21 points at the start of the month before his ad blitz began. That's not 30 points.

As far as the race issue, no one has yet to prove that it did not happen. All we have are a few pieces of video selectively edited together (and this week we can definitely see what selective editing has done to people).

Anyway, the way it was brought up in point seven was that Marvin Scott is black, so it negates the race card. He's right. My only point was that since it's negated, why bring it up? It doesn't mean that maybe black voters are more likely to vote for him because he's black. Andre Carson is black, too. It's a wash...and no advantage for Scott.

Now, if you want to keep calling me names, Ben. That's fine. Watch what you call lesbians though. I did not post your highly offensive comment about Rachel Maddow.

I'm very willing to be proven wrong, my friend. You just have to back it up, COMRADE.

Wilson46201 said...

Marvin Scott lies outrageously about having the "dramatically better funded campaign than previous GOP candidates". When he ran 10 years ago (and lost), he had ~$8K in the bank in June. This year he has less than $2K. Even Andy Horning beat Marvin financially!

Of course, Dr. Scott's memory must be failing "dramatically" if he forgot the well-funded campaigns of Virginia Blankenbaker, Gary Hoffmeister and Brose McVey. They (like Scott) all lost...

Anonymous said...

Comrad Jon,

Please look up the Russian spelling.Ben is correct. You are using the Islamic/Obama/Euro spelling version.Gee, there is a surprise.

But Im sure they don't teach spelling in Socialism 101 at the University of Madison, do they?

Jon E. Easter said...

I just did, and it is spelled "comrade".

Have a spectacular day, comrade.

Anonymous said...

If this is "objective" blogging, I'd sure hate to see what "leaning" journalism is! How can you say Scott is a "perennial campaigner" when he's only run a couple times? I've worked both his campaigns! How can you say Carson's good for our community when he DOESN'T represent but a portion of us? He has no education to speak of, no "real world" experience except as a government employee, has never balanced a budget, and as YOU and every other Democrat knows full-well, the
ONLY that he got his job is because of Grandma, and the ONLY way the SEH got hers was because of Andy Jacobs & his machine. Try actually studying the points, you'll see that Scott DOES represent a large chunk of us in the 7th, and hopefully, will represent ALL of us as the most experienced & as a true LEADER instead of a patsey for the machine & Obama thiew coming Tuesday... By the way, Comrade, both of you are correct - I just did a search in a 1973 German-English dictionary given to me when I was stationed there and they actually do use comrad in translating from German to English...

Jon E. Easter said...

Anon 10-31

Andre Carson carries a high school diploma, a Bachelor's Degree, and a Master's Degree.

Andre Carson defeated a talented field of Democrats to win the caucus. Andre Carson defeated a talented field of Democrats to win the Primary. Andre Carson then defeated Jon Elrod. Andre Carson then earned a two year term after running off Elrod and defeating Gabrielle Campo.

Marvin Scott is perennial candidate. This is his fourth run for Congress. Three times for the House and one time for the Senate. Each time, he has been defeated handily.

Julia Carson defeated a tough, very moderate to liberal Republican in Virginia Blankenbaker back in 1996. She defeated well-funded jeweler Gary Hofmeister in 1998. She defeated your hero, Marvin Scott, in 2000. She defeated a well-funded Brose McVey in 2002. She defeated the bright and talented Andy Horning in 2004, and she knocked off car dealer Eric Dickerson in 2006. She was no "fly by night" candidate.

Finally, about this blog, it is my opinion. It's not objective. My blog is called Indy Democrat. I come from that perspective.

I appreciate your service to our country.