Monday, June 28, 2010

Mark Massa Campaign Material Looks Familiar

By Jon E. Easter

As I was at the Decatur Central Lions Club 4-H Fair this past weekend at the Decatur Intermediate Learning Center, I got an opportunity to examine all the literature from the Republicans and from the Democrats at that had set up at the fair.

I have to say, though, that when I looked at Republican nominee for Marion County Prosecutor, Mark Massa's information, I noticed something that Massa probably did not really want someone to notice.

The first thing I saw in my mind when I looked at that stylized star banner above his name was its strong resemblance to the logo of a certain National Football League team that is...well...let's just say hated in these here parts: The New England Patriots. Maybe I'm stretching here, but I think the two logos are very reminiscent of one another. At the very least, they recall one another. Enough so that it was my first
reaction when I saw the campaign logo. Now, I doubt that Terry Curry will be making an issue out of it, but it's something that I think the Massa camp should have at least noticed.

Massa is also marrying himself to Mitch Daniels in the literature. That could be dangerous as the state economy, school funding, and phony job numbers continue to plague the Governor in his "lame duck" period. Massa is pictured right along side of Mitch's picture with a big endorsement quote from the Governor.

If I were him, though, I'd be looking to change that logo first and then telling us a little bit more about what he plans to do about Prosecutor rather than touting his connection to Daniels.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Mark Massa's logo is aiming to be just like the New England Patriots.

Dumb "connection" really.

And if you bothered to catch up on any news...Massa doesn't align himself RIGHT up with Mitch Daniels. Massa has already taken the opportunity to make many comments regarding what he wants to do as Prosecutor, as well as reach to the County to talk to them and see their concerns with public safety and criminals.

Sigh...please do better research if you are going to write about current elections.

Jon E. Easter said...

Well, all I know is that Massa puts Mitch's picture on his campaign walk piece and uses his endorsement as a centerpiece of his campaign.

If that's not aligning himself with Daniels, then I don't know what is.

It was just a connection. Don't be so defensive.