Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Layton Receives Primary Opponent's Endorsement

By Jon E. Easter

I can't believe I forgot to report this big nugget of political information.

John Layton announced last Tuesday at the United Wayne Township Democratic Club meeting that he and his primary opponent for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff, Mark Brown, sat down for lunch. The meeting resulted in Brown agreeing to endorse Layton's run for Marion County Sheriff. Layton spoke very highly of Brown saying that he had a future and to watch out for him in years to come.

To me, this is great news. From all of my dealings with him, Mark Brown has proven himself to be worthy of anyone's support for anything. He's just simply a great guy and a great person. Things got a little contentious during the campaign, but it's indeed nice to see the Democrats in the Sheriff's race to come together under the same umbrella. It definitely tells you a lot about both men that they could put aside their differences and move forward.

Kudos to both Brown and Layton for meeting, coming together, working out their differences, and moving forward for a better Marion County.

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