Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Voting Vop

By Jon E. Easter

Usually on Saturday, I post something humorous or lighthearted. I have been kicking around in my head whether or not to reveal what many of my friends already know. When I cast my vote as a delegate to the state convention later today, I'm voting for Vop Osili for Secretary of State.

Now, I know I usually try to stay away from endorsements. In the end, I decided I would do it this way. I would wait until the day of the convention and release my intentions.

Why am I picking Vop over Tom? Well, it's nothing personal. I have a great respect for Tom McKenna, and I do think that the Democrats will be fine with whichever candidate wins. I just think Vop is the kind of candidate that will excite people. He will get people off their duffs and to the polls on election day, and he's at the beginning of what I hope will be a long political career because I like working with him.

Tom's experience is his greatest asset, but I am also concerned about who will be a well-rounded Secretary of State. Elections are, of course, a huge part of what a Secretary of State does, but there are a number of business functions the Office also oversees. I have heard Vop talk longer and more eloquently about his plans in this realm than Tom has. Tom has centered his campaign more around the Voter ID debate. While that is important, I also think Vop is also in the right position on that issue.

I guess I've seen and heard more substance from Vop than from Tom, and I appreciate that. Although I will pledge my support and do whatever I can reasonably do to get Tom elected should he win the nomination. It's very possible that he could, and I would be absolutely fine with that. Tom, your past service to the party and your wealth of experience would make you a shoo-in for my vote in any other year. This year, though, I'm voting for Vop.

So, in review, I'm voting for Vop Osili because I think he is a potentially transformational figure in Indiana politics. I think he will excite people, and I think he has, on the campaign trail, more carefully explained his plans for the office if he is elected in November. I think he will be a great addition to the state ticket of Pete Buttigieg and Sam Locke, and I'm hoping that he prevails this afternoon. May the best man win!

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