Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Hodge Podge of Information

By Jon E. Easter

Kennedy Holds Second Issues Forum
Late last year, Democratic candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, Melina Kennedy, held a forum with community members on issues of interest. The second forum was held last night at the Children's Bureau of Indianapolis. Around 100 community members gathered and shared their views on community development, economic development, and making Indy a sustainable and vibrant community. Kennedy said she will continue to listen to the community as she fights to become the first female mayor in the city's history.

Democratic Councillor Forum Struggling to Gain Participation
Word on the street is that the Democratic City-County Council forum scheduled for Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 1301 N. Goodlet Ave., is struggling to get City-County Councillor participation. A handful of Democrats have committed to the event, but there is not full caucus participation. Candidate for Council At-Large, Annette Johnson, is the host.

Resign Tim Crawford Drumbeat Continues
A Facebook group has now popped up urging Fifth Democratic Congressional Candidate Tim Crawford to step aside. So far, Crawford seems to be hanging in there. Organizers of the group are asking people to contact Crawford and tell him that he needs to step aside. You all know where I stand on this one.

Simpson Questions Daniels on Budget Cuts
Indiana Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson of Bloomington is challenging Governor Mitch Daniels to be transparent about where he has cut the state budget. I don't have time to dive into this at press time, but I will on Friday. Simpson told the Associated Press, "Either the office is totally incompetent or they're keeping secrets. The public has a right to this information."

This latest revelation comes on the heels of WTHR's reports on the lack of transparency in the job creation numbers reported by the state and how some of the jobs reported as created never actually were created.

Adamson Fundraiser June 8
The Adamson Appeal is not a new show on TNT; it's a fundraiser for City-County Council At-Large candidate Zach Adamson. It's scheduled for June 8 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at 120 E. Market Street. The event is on the ninth floor. Vanessa Villegas Lopez, David Lewis, Chris Worden, Jackie Butler and Todd Woodmansee are hosting the event which carries a top suggested donation of $250. The lowest suggested donation is $50.

From the Full Disclosure Department
I was asked to help the John Layton campaign in Decatur Township, and I accepted the offer. Why? I believe that John will make a great Sheriff, and I've talked to many people on both sides of the political aisle that agree with my assessment. Republican Dennis Fishburn's experience pales when put side-by-side with Layton's. Remember this effective...

Also, I followed up with a couple of people in the know about the Hatch Act concerns some have been bringing up with regards to Layton's ad. My sources tell me that Layton is in full compliance with the law. As for Layton's campaign itself, the only comment I received when asked was that they are "comfortable" with the content of the ad.


Anonymous said...

Wannabe councilor Johnson's first mistake was to schedule her meeting without first checking with council dems. Second mistake was to do it on a Friday night. Johnson has no business running for council.

Anonymous said...

YOu need to telkl Mr. Layton that he is violation of about three election laws wiht his commercials. The biggest one being it is against the rules to be shown in a uniform unless you are the sitting sheriff.

I would hate to see Layton suffer the same fate that McAtee did at the hands of Tom John and is boy friend Dave Brooks

Jon E. Easter said...

Then, I'm assuming that Brad Ellsworth is in violation too?

I'm betting that they researched it if they tell me that they are "comfortable" with the content of the ad.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that an "anonymous" person would insult and disrespect Ms. Johnson. She has proven herself time and time again, to support the party as well as the residents of our fine city. She does more for the community than the current council members, so who is the real wannabe?