Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Hodge Podge

By Jon Easter

Ok...without further's the first episode of a new segment: THE FRIDAY HODGE PODGE!

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Beth White Pushing Satellite Centers
Marion County Clerk Beth White sent out a news release earlier this week talking about her agenda to return to the early voting satellite centers available during the 2008 General Election and the 2009 Referendum Vote. She is encouraging people who support the satellite voting centers to sign a petition online here. For those wanting more information, you can see a fact sheet here. As you may remember, satellite voting was shut down by the lone Republican on the Election Board before the May Primary.

“I invite voters to be part of the process whether it’s by signing the online petition, attending a meeting, calling our office or sending an email,” White said in the release. “Their support and involvement will help build the case for making our democratic process more open and accessible.”

Curry Holds News Conference
Yesterday at 10:30 a.m., Terry Curry held a news conference outside the Prosecutor's Office calling for Republican Prosecutorial nominee Mark Massa to join him in disclosing who donated what to his campaign. It's a good move, and it's good to see Curry getting some earned media. I criticized his campaign for its, in my view, slow start a couple of weeks ago.

Curry also kicked off his township team strategy last Wednesday, June 9. Looks like the campaign is officially on with that much needed momentum starting to move the dial.

Speculations Abound on Bayh's 2012 Plans
While some reports say that Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman (as well as Treasurer Richard Mourdock) is starting to position herself for a run at the Governor's Mansion in '12, Evan Bayh's abrupt Senatorial retirement and statements in his announcement to the media are fueling speculation that he may run again for Governor in 2012. Of course, no one wants to be in Bayh's way, and reliable sources are telling me that people loyal to Bayh are telling interested Democrats to clear the road for a POTENTIAL run by the Senator.

If Bayh runs and gets elected, he would be the first two-term Governor in Indiana history to be re-elected after leaving office the first time. Isaac Gray ascended to the Governor's Office after the death of James D. Williams in 1880. He served the remainder of that term until 1881. After failing to get the Republican nomination in 1880, he left office. In the interim, he switched parties and won the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1884. He was elected Governor of Indiana and served from 1885-1889.

War time Governor Henry Schricker, a Democrat, also served two non consecutive terms, and he has the distinction of being the only man elected to those two terms. His time in office was 1941-1945 and 1949-1953. His turbulent first term was spent fighting with the Republican-led General Assembly over Executive Power.

Rokita Gaffes At Memorial Day Celebration
This blog post over at Politics and Pucks describes a scene at a Memorial Day celebration where Republican nominee for Congress in the 4th District, Todd Rokita, gave a policy speech instead of a speech honoring military service. He also apparently said that he did not call military service a sacrifice. Just read the post for more information.

Democratic nominee David Sanders probably thought things would be different this time around, but this opponent shows the same propensity for gaffeitude as outgoing Rep. Steve Buyer does. Does this mean that the current Indiana Secretary of State will soon be talking about lettuce smoking and using nukes in Afghanistan?

Hopefully, this is the year the 4th District wakes up and votes for a bright, intelligent, and qualified man like Sanders over the ambitious and apparently loose tongued Rokita. I get the feeling that Rokita will be a Buyer clone...without the nasty Congress.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Don't forget to seek us out tomorrow for Saturday Humor and a tribute to "Big Butter Jesus" and a salute to dads on Sunday as it will be Fathers Day in America.


varangianguard said...

That post at P & P is woefully ignorant, Jon. Please don't feed the uninformed.

Doug said...

Henry Schricker served as Governor of Indiana 1941-1945 and again 1949-1953.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks Doug. I knew one didn't seem right. Believe it or not, I scoured the list like three times.

Mike Brownstein said...

Thank you for the mention!