Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ellsworth Misses Pride

By Jon E. Easter

Brad Ellsworth has a decision to make. Will he make more than a token effort to get the LGBT community connected with his campaign?

This past weekend, Indy Pride took place. Ellsworth was apparently in Anderson shoring up union support (like the UAW will support Dan Coats), and he's touting it on his website.

The Indiana Stonewall Democrats did not vote against Ellsworth when he was named the Democratic Party's candidate back in May, but they did not vote for him. It's starting to look like their abstention may have been a smart decision. Given an opportunity to re-vote, that abstention might now be a vote to oppose. I don't know anyone specifically in power with the Stonewalls that has said this, but I do know that many in the Indianapolis LGBT community did note his absence at Pride. It stood out like a sore thumb (as well as the absence of Mayor Ballard and a handful of others).

It honestly would not have taken much; just a show of support, a short hello, a ride in the parade. Instead, the LGBT community is STILL asking what kind of Senator they will get when they vote for Brad Ellsworth. The Congressman strikes me as someone who is very intelligent, so I know he knows that he has a fence to mend here. An excellent way to mend the fence would have been a quick visit to Indy Pride.

Instead, he may have just torn down some more fence posts.


Anonymous said...

How did he vote on Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Anonymous said...

Brad voted for the repeal of DADT, and I saw several of his campaign staff at Indy Pride walking around and talking to voters.

I understand that Indiana is a big state and with limited time he cannot attend every event. I was sad not to see him there, but had a great conversation with one of his staffers. Brad's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Ellsworth voted for the bill. I applaud this action, but the act of supporting the community when he has such a poor record with other issues the community cares about would have gone a long way.

Anonymous said...

If I am Brad Ellsworth, and I truly wanted the vote of the gay community, there's only one place I would have been last Saturday.

His staff being there was nice, but him not being there was noted.

Anonymous said...

He very smartly voted for the repeal of DADT.

If it isn't important for you to show up yourself, you send your staff. Anybody that has worked campaigns knows this.

He could have talked with LGBT folks from all over the state but chose not to.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a smart move.